About Han-A Expo

Han-A Expo is an event organized by the Association Han-A to promote South Korea in Spain. It collaborates with different institutions, associations and businesses related to South Korea, that are also interested in the bilateral relations South Korea-Spain. It has a big cultural component, but also commercial.

Han-A Expo is held annually during a weekend and it’s a meeting point for lovers of the Korean culture, in addition to make the culture known to those who never paid attention to this Asian country.

2017 Han-A Expo will be the fourth edition and we hope to increase the attention both the general public and the institutions and businesses. Like in previous editions, people will be able to enjoy the variety of activities: conferences, workshops, contests, draws, exhibitions and many more.

For any query about Han-A Expo you can send an email to: han.association.expo@gmail.com.



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